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Thread: Lookup of DYNDNS Adresses

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    Question Lookup of DYNDNS Adresses

    When I try to give support to our church library, from abroad, I often can't login.
    The reason is, that ZA has not the correct IP adress of my notebook.
    This adress is looked up at system start, but obviously not afterwards.
    Does ZA lookup the adress resolution after start anyway?

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    Default Re: Lookup of DYNDNS Adresses

    ZA looks at the network connection of the OS.

    If the OS has a change in the network connection we will change.

    On Vista and Win 7 we make these changes to ZA automatically for you.

    On XP you will get a new network pop up from ZA.

    So if your on XP and don't get a new network pop up but your sure your IP changes after boot up and it gets its IP address then there is an issue with your OS or your network adapter driver or your network stack on the PC and its not a ZA issue.


    You can Try resetting your ZA settings also.

    Hold down CTRL+SHIFT then right click on the Z icon in the system tray and select RESET.

    After your system reboots ZA setting are all erased ruling out a ZA DB issue.

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