I had a problem with ZoneAlarm to which I wanted to alert you. Zone Alarm was turned off and we downloaded a virus that installed "Security Master AV" which continually popped up and told us how many critical viruses we had on our computer and the only option was to pay $49.95 to remove them using Security Master AV. It was painfully obvious this was just a virus and a scam.

ZA, however, would not start. Neither would my task manger or Spyware Doctor.

Long story short, it was a pain to remove "Security Master AV." When I would start Zone Alarm, it would report "UI initializing" and then do nothing. I finally downloaded another anti-virus program (Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware) which removed a series of problem files.

I have the log from Malwarebytes. After removing the files on that list (the log), ZoneAlarm started functioning perfectly again, and so did Task manager and SpywareDoctor. Something(s) on that list was able to completely undermine ZoneAlarm, rendering it useless, and really screw my system up. Yes, yes, I should run ZA all the time to protect myself, but whatever this latest version of Security Master AV is, they have ZA's number.

P.S. I would simply have emailed the fine folks at Zone Alarm with this information, but no email address was to be found. Furthermore the "24 hour" chat session told me I was #1 in the cue...for 7 minutes before I shut it down. Does it have to be so complicated to simply want to help!?

P.P.S. I just tried to include the log in this post and it told me my post was too long. So, if anyone out there in the ZoneAlarm oblivion wants a list of files that can potentially screw up their fine program, free of charge, and provided completely out of good will, email me, and I'll consider sending it to you. Last time I try to help.