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Thread: VSMON eats up resources and freezes PC

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    ddenby Guest

    Default VSMON eats up resources and freezes PC

    For some time now I have been contending with a problem that seems to be caused by VSMON.. usually within the first 15 minutes after I boot up my PC.. whenever ZASS attempts to update, VSMON sucks up all of the CPU bandwidth and freezes my PC for several minutes until it decides to update or not.

    It seems to me that the developers of this software forgot to add some statements to allow the process to yield periodically during the update so that other processes can run and it doesn't hog the entire CPU during an apparent wait state. This is fairly easy to do so Zone Alarm developers, please implement this in a patch very soon or you will begin to lose customers.. I googled for this issue and found that a LOT of other users were having the same problem and getting fairly ticked off about it.

    It would be nice if someone from ZoneAlarm acknowledged this issue/thred and gave an estimate of when a solution might be forthcoming.

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    Default Re: VSMON eats up resources and freezes PC


    This type of issue and VSMON using what we deem as an unusual amount of resources is something that is QA'ed and looked for before any release.

    If our software had such a problem it would never get released.
    We also have a open beta program where users test beta versions and we don't get reports like this.

    ZoneAlarm does not have a bug where all your resources are used and eventually crashing or stopping your PC.

    We are not saying its not happening on your PC but that ZA is not the root casue.
    What could be the issue is another application that misbehaving or poorly programmed and makes it look like ZA is the culprit.

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    ddenby Guest

    Default Re: VSMON eats up resources and freezes PC

    I didn't say that it crashed my PC, Whet it does is to lock the CPU tightly so that no other processes get any CPU time for several minutes (essentially "freezing" the PC while VSMON does what ever it is doing.).. I Can tell that VSMON is responsible because I have taken the precaution of opening the Task Manager before this happens so I can see what process is at the top of the list (sorted by CPU usage) when the PC freezes... It is quite possible that users that have multi-core PCs would not see this issue occurring... This is happening on a Pentium 4 and a NetBook (both).

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    Default Re: VSMON eats up resources and freezes PC


    see also software requirements:

    As far as I aware netbooks are not supported by ZA.

    Also you can't use task manager to analyse PC behaviour. ZA processes are in between all system calls and what you see on task manager may be only the 'end-of-pipe' effect not the cause.

    I would recommend using process explorer to get a better picture.

    See also the recommandation on how to troubleshoot issues with vsmon in here: another vsmon.exe thread

    Again, there nothing inherently wrong in vsmon. Its a case-by-case issue that you need to troubleshoot carefully to avoid ending up with easy solution that actually do not address the cause.


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    thekabuki Guest

    Default Re: VSMON eats up resources and freezes PC

    Having exactly the same problem as above poster. vsmon eats up using huge amounts of cpu, most especially during boot-up and when opening firefox. auto-update seems to take over and nothing works until it is complete

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