For some time now I have been contending with a problem that seems to be caused by VSMON.. usually within the first 15 minutes after I boot up my PC.. whenever ZASS attempts to update, VSMON sucks up all of the CPU bandwidth and freezes my PC for several minutes until it decides to update or not.

It seems to me that the developers of this software forgot to add some statements to allow the process to yield periodically during the update so that other processes can run and it doesn't hog the entire CPU during an apparent wait state. This is fairly easy to do so Zone Alarm developers, please implement this in a patch very soon or you will begin to lose customers.. I googled for this issue and found that a LOT of other users were having the same problem and getting fairly ticked off about it.

It would be nice if someone from ZoneAlarm acknowledged this issue/thred and gave an estimate of when a solution might be forthcoming.