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Thread: "This website is suspicious" on my website

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    pako Guest

    Default "This website is suspicious" on my website

    Hi all,

    My wife owns a website and I am responsible for maintaining it. Few visitors of her website have complained that they receive warning messages "This website is suspicious. Leave now unless you know this site is safe." Further the message states:

    This recommendation is based on how long the site has been around and the strength of its security certificate.
    - Site is not known phishing or spyware distributor
    - Site is less that 3 month old
    My wife has not purchased security certificate for this domain because there is no need of encrypted connections; hence there is no security certificate strength to be discussed here. Yes, the site is less than 3 month old, but this cannot be malicious property.

    I found similar thread and the moderator there asks for the URL of the reported site. Here it is

    Here is the screen-shot of the warning that the visitor kindly provided:

    Is there some reasonable explanation my wife can offer to her visitors beside the obvious promoting of the premium product of CheckPoint?

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    Default Re: "This website is suspicious" on my website

    Sorry, link to private sites removed and the ZA forum link you referred is related to another problem (positive to spam list) not yours. Please note that ZA staff does not monitor this board, we are all users. No use to report it here.

    You have to do it via the forcefield interface as explained here (copied below - Thank you Garywa for the screenshot!)

    I read the information and knowing where and how I had gotten there I simply clicked on the "click here" link and was presented with this short message:


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    Default Re: "This website is suspicious" on my website


    In this case and ANY website that's reported like this our software is working as designed and there is NOTHING that can be done to change it.

    Its the fact the website if 3 month or newer.

    Its the unfortunate fact that hackers put up thousands of sites a day for malicious reasons so we rate any new website like this.

    We don't have the staff to evaluate every new website in the world daily.

    So we go with just telling you the website is 3 months old or newer and let the person surfing make a decision to go to that website or not.

    We never say there is a definite threat on the website.

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