ZASS cannot detect in any scan mode the Google Redirect/Windows Update malware on our PC for the last 7 days, with the following symtoms:

1) Google searches in all browsers sometimes yield results with links that don't match displayed text going to random sites with lots of download links, or phony search sites.
2) Frequent Crypt32 error messages in Event Log.
3) Cannot do Windows Update or Microsoft Update; get ox800072efe error.
4) In all browsers, yields no page found error.
5) Generic Host Processor failures almost once a day.
6) Cannot start Windows XP Pro SP3 in Safe Mode; get kdcom.dll error.
7) Once "ati video bus poller" application appeared in Task Manager when Windows Explorer hung; could not be stopped.
8) In Firefox, new tabs occasionally open on their own to similar sites noted above.
9) Can bring up (with S in HTTP) but get same update error.
10) None of these occur on Mac or iPhone on same home area network.

Have tried full/complete scans with the following, removing those that run all the time to avoid ZASS conflict. Most yielded no errors; a total of 5 Trojans and a few tracking cookies removed by some. None had any effect on above symptoms.

1) Google Pack's Spyware Doctor.
2) Microsoft Essential Security.
3) Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool; scanned 2+ million files on all drives.
4) Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware
5) Spybot Search and Destroy.
6) Kaspersky's TDSSKiller.

Except for above symptoms, system still runs and boots okay.