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Thread: Rouge Antivirus: Windows 7 64bit

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    justclox Guest

    Default Rouge Antivirus: Windows 7 64bit

    I acquired a brand new Dell computer running Windows 7 64bit on Friday 23rd July . I also have Zone Alarm Extreme Security [just renewed] and loaded.

    On Saturday my computer crashed with 33 virus. I ran Zone Alarm and after half an hour's searching it found just TWO!!

    My computer was telling me that file after file was being invaded and that I should buy "Antivar".

    In absolute desperation I bought this software, ran it, and it found 33 virus. My computer stopped panicking and started to work again.

    Does your software not cover 64 bit machines?? If it does how could it go so very, very wrong to miss so many virus and still tell me that "You are protected. No action is required"??

    A.K. Martin

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    Default Re: Windows 7 64bit

    probably you purchased a rouge software. This is the route of most infection nowadays.

    Never ever beleive non ZA pop-up windows saying to you that you are infected. Its just fake. They will invite you to buy the fake software that will clean the fake infections.

    Guess its too late for you. I would personally block your credit card ASAP since they commonly re-sell your details for further fraud.

    Next step is to follow ALL steps in the instruction below:
    Malware Clean-up Guidance

    and for the future see here:
    xyz was not detected. What I should do?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Antivir Rogue Scareware

    Additional thoughts:

    There are over a 100 variations of these types of "rogue/ scareware" malware circulating the internet. The "virus scanning and numerous infections found"...

    It is all a "fake show " - usually there will be a pop-up page that covers your whole screen with a 'fake' virus scan going on (but it's not 'your real software' that you normally use ) and it will show numerous 'fake' infections {do not believe this}. They say you should buy their software to clean up your pc= all lies to persuade you to purchase their fake ineffective software.

    As soon as you first see the first "fake scanning" image - you...

    Generally should not click any link/ button from the pop-up's/ boxes not even the "(red) X / Close button" to normally shut it off (sometimes that X button = their false link to download more malware which is not what you want).

    And of course don't buy the rogue scareware you can remove the real infection which 'is the rogue/ scareware itself' and it's scare tactics( fake pop-up's and fake infections) .

    Recommended: immediately...
    - enter Windows 'task manager' to shut off all "Applications"/ web pages running, or
    - press keys > 'Ctrl' and 'Alt' and 'Delete' < together at the same time, or
    - press hold/ keys > 'Alt' and 'F4' keys (F4 = single key usually at the top of keyboard) or 'Ctrl' and 'F4' keys.

    - if you have a stand-alone ForceField or ZoneAlarm Extreme Suite (not to be confused with the ForceField toolbar of the rest of the ZA line of firewalls {ZA Free/ ZA Pro/ ZA Anti-Virus/ ZA Suite}) > with 'Browser Security' click/ open > Settings > Advanced > Virtualization > simply click "Clear Virtual Data" > OK - this will clear all open "virtual" browser pages, boxes, pop-ups providing extra security.

    __________________________________________________ ______
    Here is additional information/ removal of 'Antivir' scareware from - click here >

    Anitvir Analysis and Removal - from - includes several screen shots - click here >

    and article - What To Do When Scareware Strikes - click here > <

    What is scareware from '' - click here >

    Scareware - wiki - click here >

    __________________________________________________ __
    NaiveMelody NYC - 7-27-10 - That's Not My Name - The Ting Tings
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    justclox Guest

    Default Possible Malware download

    There is a fraudulent program which loads from time to time and advises that I am suffering from some 30 or 40 spy ware, viruses, etc, etc. It shows as "AVC" but isn't.

    How do I program Zone Alarm to block this particular program. At present Zone Alarm just joins in with the false program (as did Iolo System Mechanic [I emailed them about this]). At present Zone Alarm provided absolutely no protection. The Iternet recommends one or two Malware programs. Does Zone Alarm not provide this type of cover?

    Someone please help as I understand that this particular program deposits a small program on ones machine so it can run again.

    Thanks in hope,


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    Default Re: Rouge Antivirus: Windows 7 64bit

    moved the message in your same post. You seem having continous problems with fake AVs. Have you actually followed all the suggestions already given to you in this thread? They are enough to avoid any of these infections.

    If yes, what was the result? Did you follow all the steps? Did you receive any error? Did the pop-up disappeared? Have you changed the configuation of ZA as indicated? Have you learned not to follow up on any window not coming from ZA? If your system is used by more users then create different accounts and give them limited user authorisation (no admin). Windows 7 works very well with LUA (limited user accounts).

    IOLO software contains also an antivirus. Running multiple antivirus on the system will result in program fighting for resources, conflicts, slow system, programs blocking each other during malware infection with the end result of less protection.

    Choose one software and learn how to master it. Do not run more than one antivirus at time.

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