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Thread: Is CallingId part of ZA website montoring?

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    Default Is CallingId part of ZA website montoring?

    I have an Access file I found in my recent documents folder called CallingID. When I did a search on it it says it is a toolbar addon to monitor for bad websites. Is this part of my ZA
    Internet Security Suite? If not any thoughts on where it came from, or if it is dangerous? ZA doesn't pick it up as a virus or anything. The Access file is password protected also.
    Dell Dimension 8300, Windows XP Pro SP3, ZA internet Security Suite
    Note: my current ZA is from going back a version due to issues with what was the newest version. This was done a month ago roughly around the time CallingId says it was installed.
    Thanks for any info

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    Default Re: Is CallingId part of ZA website montoring?

    Welcome to the Zone Alarm User Forum..

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    We are all users here in this Forum, No Za staff..

    If your ZASS License key has not Expired yet, you may contact the official Za tech Support Live chat by clicking the Support link in my Signature with your Request..

    Let us know what you find out..
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