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Thread: Preventing ZA shutdown

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    Default Preventing ZA shutdown

    The Parental Controls are a nice addition, but what's the sense if functions are password-protected but all the kid has to do is right-click the ZA icon on the taskbar and shut down the program? Is there a way to prevent shutting down ZA unless you input the password?

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    parental control is closely link to the fact you protect your ZA with a password. If ZA is protected by a password there is no way for them to close it unless you let kids using your PC on a administrator account (so they may be able to close it by removing it in SAFE MODE).

    In other words, if you have set a password and logged out you can't shutdown ZA unless you hack it.

    For an effective protection you need:

    1. Create a limited user account for your kids;
    2. Protect the adminitrator account with a password your kids will not know
    2. Protect ZA with a password (ZA overview --> Preferences)
    3. Turn ON parental control

    Whenever you need to access ZA, input the password and remember to log it out (ZA Overview --> preferences) when finished, otherwise you leave the session open and unprotected.

    The above works best on VISTA and Windows 7. These OSs have drastically improved the way different accounts and permission are managed.

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