With ZAISS installed (latest update), one odd thing I discovered is that I cannot reliably ping my own ip address or the loopback address ( from my own computer. Almost always it gives time out errors. It may occasionally allow the initial ping to get through (with a few ms response time) and then block all subsequent ones. Other times it blocks all of them.

However I CAN ping everyone else on my local network and they can ping me reliably! It's odd that everyone but me can ping my own computer! A few things to note:

- it persists if I turn off all firewalls. And it persists whether I use Windows Firewall or ZoneAlarm firewall. So it's not ZAISS firewall that's doing it.. it must be some other component of ZAISS.

- the problem also occurs if booted into Safe Mode + Networking.

- I'm using Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit. It was a clean install. In fact I've wiped and reinstalled everything from scratch.

- uninstalling ZAISS fixes the problem immediately

Are there any suggestions as to ZA settings I could change to fix this? Please don't suggest a clean install of ZAISS... as I said I've wiped the HDD entirely and the problem has returned as soon as ZAISS is installed.

Thanks for your help!