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Thread: ZAISS prevents pinging of own computer

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    Default ZAISS prevents pinging of own computer

    With ZAISS installed (latest update), one odd thing I discovered is that I cannot reliably ping my own ip address or the loopback address ( from my own computer. Almost always it gives time out errors. It may occasionally allow the initial ping to get through (with a few ms response time) and then block all subsequent ones. Other times it blocks all of them.

    However I CAN ping everyone else on my local network and they can ping me reliably! It's odd that everyone but me can ping my own computer! A few things to note:

    - it persists if I turn off all firewalls. And it persists whether I use Windows Firewall or ZoneAlarm firewall. So it's not ZAISS firewall that's doing it.. it must be some other component of ZAISS.

    - the problem also occurs if booted into Safe Mode + Networking.

    - I'm using Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit. It was a clean install. In fact I've wiped and reinstalled everything from scratch.

    - uninstalling ZAISS fixes the problem immediately

    Are there any suggestions as to ZA settings I could change to fix this? Please don't suggest a clean install of ZAISS... as I said I've wiped the HDD entirely and the problem has returned as soon as ZAISS is installed.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: ZAISS prevents pinging of own computer

    I have seen this report ones here. But with no evident impact whatsoever. Do you have any problem? Software not working? Crashing? Hangs? I can't see this here but I wonder if anyway there is any adverse effect.

    Is your loopback adapter set as trusted in the firewall zones? Is the trusted zone set to medium and not high?

    I would suggest you report this directly to ZA technical support at the link in my signature (we are all users here). It may be just by design.

    Post back if you receive any useful input from support.

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