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Thread: Forcefield warnings not popping up

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    Snarkley Guest

    Default Forcefield warnings not popping up

    Forcefield Standalone

    Seems like I recall that in the past if one encountered a suspicious site, FF would throw up a yellow popup, warning to use caution, such as if the site is less than 90 days old, etc (or a red popup if the site was downright dangerous). I don't get the popup anymore, but instead there is a little yellow icon that shows up on the FF Toolbar, where it is barely seen and not nearly as noticeable like the popup, since people don't tend to glance at the FF toolbar at each website they go to. The yellow popup, however, couldn't be overlooked, and it enabled people to notice while still on the site exactly which website it was that flagged a suspicious encounter. If you happen to see the change on the FF toolbar and click on the "site status", then it does bring up that big yellow popup. I'm not sure what would happen it one happened onto a red website0--whether it would throw up a red popup, or just make a small red icon change on the FF toolbar. However, if you don't happen to see the change on the FF toolbar before you go to another website, although FF "counter" logs it is a "threat blocked", you never know what website it was. That was the case with me again today. I had to backtrack over multiple websites to find out which was the "threat blocked" site. I found it, and FF logged it as another threat when I revisited it, but at least now I know which one it was. It's a legit site, but is less than 90 days old. It makes me feel better when FF lets me know what website was considered a "threat, since if it's a legit website, that makes me feel better, than some unknown site that I never know what the threat was. I'd be in favor of the yellow popup method rather than just the subtle change in the toolbar.
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    Sky Soldiers Guest

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    If using Firefox the Site Status changes to Yellow or Red icon.In IE8, you get a Yellow or Red caution banner message that appears under the toolbar.

    You have to manually click the icon to get the caution banner message to appears under the toolbar in Firefox.I think this started in Firefox 3.5 version.

    XP SP3
    ZoneAlarm ForceField (standalone)
    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:
    TrueVector version:
    Driver version:9.1.522.000
    Anti-virus engine version:
    Anti-virus signature DAT file version:1023251424
    AntiSpam version:

    Have a nice Day

    Footnote : Notice AntiSpam version: is because standalone version of ForceField being used according to Tech Support.
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