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    When i download via firefox for some reason the ZA download box does not appear anymore instead i get the standard firefox downloader. Can you tell me how to get the ZA downloader back please

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    Well we need a bit more info.

    What ZA product, its version.

    Did you just recently upgrade ZA and after that upgrade this problem started?

    Did firefox perform an upgrade or a plug-in inside firefox upgrade.

    Did any other software or the OS perform an update or upgrade on your PC?

    Sis you install any new software or hardware or update drivers to hardware?

    Reason asking is that would be a reason for the download protection to up and stop suddenly. Never seen it do it on its own.

    Did you check ZA to be sure the download protection was even still turned on?

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    I see from your previous post you are using ZoneAlarm Extreme Security.I would suggest to check in Firefox Menu Bar / View / Toolbars that ForceField Toolbar is selected.

    Under Tools / Options / Downloads.Put a check " Show the Download window when downloading a file " also " Close it when all downloads are finished." And select " Always ask me where to save files."

    Here are are some helpful links that might be able to address you're issue at this link :

    Have no other suggestions to offer.If you have a current license you can contact Technical Support Live Chat at this link :

    Have a nice Day

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