Hi there,

I'm using version of ZAISS. I tried version 9.1.507.000 when ZAISS notified me about the new product update (around early April) but of course that caused my HDD to be constantly active and so I went back to From then onwards, I left ZAISS as it was.

The thing that concerns me is this; after reverting back to version I never assumed that ZA would release another update for the HDD issue (version 9.1.603.000) and so my copy of ZAISS did not notify me about the update as it did with 9.1.507.000. It was only one day when I was surfing the net did I know about version 9.1.603.000.

What I'm trying to say is; how long should I wait for ZAISS to notify me about a new product update (version I now that it varies as of where the servers are located, but if say, after 2 weeks ZAISS hasn't automatically notified me about the new product, should I just go ahead and install version

Ever since early-April, I've been using of ZAISS - I'm a little bit concerned that I'm using an outdated version!

Also - what is the best way to install ZAISS? Upgrade, or clean installation?

Sorry for the long-winded post,