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Thread: Zonealarm CPU usage spiking

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    Question Zonealarm CPU usage spiking

    Hello. For the last few days or maybe for as long as a week Zonealarm firewall has been seeming to "spike" usage of my CPU. It's quite strange because I have not changed anything. I even re-installed ZA and it still is occuring. The problem is persistant. It doesn't come and go. It is constant. I don't know what triggers it, but sometime shortly after starting up it happens.
    In task manager the usage is steadily using 50% of my CPU (48<->51). Needless to say this is causing some issues in other areas.
    The icon on the toolbar also freezes when this occurs and stops changing with internet usage. I also cannot access the program or get any response from the icon on the toolbar.
    I'd like to fix this problem as soon as possible, because it's causing problems in other areas. I am not sure what else to say or how to describe this problem. I will reply with any further info needed to solve this issue.
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    See the discussion here to try to troubelshoot it

    You have to find what has changed in your system including software that may have become corrupted or over charging it? You may see end-of-pipe effects on ZA caused by other elements in the system. These are the most difficult problems to troubleshoot since it is not always evident the component causing it.

    I have no other suggestions to help solving your issue.

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