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Thread: [SOLVED] Can't install ZA because it's an 'Invailed win32 application'...

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    TGYoshi Guest

    Default [SOLVED] Can't install ZA because it's an 'Invailed win32 application'...

    As I wrote in the subject, I'm unable to install Zone Alarm because it said it's an invailed Win 32 Application..
    The full error in Dutch:

    [Window Title]
    C:\Users\...\Downloads\zaSetup_92_057_000_en (3).exe

    C:\Users\...\Downloads\zaSetup_92_057_000_en (3).exe is geen geldige Win32-toepassing.


    Yea, I downloaded it from 4 mirrors, they give all the same error. (Username censored for privacy)

    I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits on an Administrator account.

    I gave the setup it's administrator rights and also tried to run it in Vista and XP mode after that failed.
    I never installed any ZA or something related on my PC before, though I have Avira AntiVir on my computer installed, though I don't think that caused the error.

    What could be the causer of this problem?


    ~ Eggmaker
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