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Thread: [WORKAROUND] Update to -> Install in SAFE MODE

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    Default [WORKAROUND] Update to -> Install in SAFE MODE

    Is there a known issue with ZA AV/AS having problems updating to version
    I am running W7 64-bit HP and ZA would not finish installing. The available download is the previous version and have to update to the latest version.
    I was receiving a message that needed to update Windows to SP1 for Vista before install could continue. As I am using W7, I could not install SP1 for Vista as needed by ZA.
    I uninstalled, downloaded from ZA site and when I tried to update to latest version, installer stalled just like it did on automatic updating. I uninstalled again and tried installing from last version that is saved on HD with same problem.
    I tried to manually update from ZA site just to get notice that installer is already running and need to wait until it finishes.
    I left ZA installation running over night and it would not finish.
    I also had message that ZA UI was initializing when trying to open the UI, but it never opened, even after waiting overnight.
    The typical installer process (as found for other programs) never appeared in Task Manager, so I could not force it to close (end process).
    I finally had to update in Windows Safe Mode with internet access enabled before the installer worked correctly.
    I have already put a ticket in about it. I didn't have time to spend an hour or two on the phone and since I would have to restart the PC, I would not be able to tech help on the PC.
    I'm posting in case others have had similar problem and in hopes that Tech Support monitors the forums for problems that need to be fixed.

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    Default Re: Update to

    sorry all users here, you need to report to support. There is no phone support. Support is free and its text chat always on 24h 7 days.

    I will close this thread since the issue seems resolved.

    btw, latest version has no problem on 32 or 64bit here.

    If the issue resolved on SAFE MODE it means that on normal mode ZA files could not be written or replaced. It usually happen if the OS locks relevant files. Normally you never install in SAFE MODE nor is recommendable to do it.

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