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Thread: Keyboard Lockup

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    dansk Guest

    Default Keyboard Lockup

    Keyboard locks with Zone Alarm Extreme Security version 9.1.507.000

    OS: Windows XP Version 2002 sp3

    Installed Software (partial):

    MS Office 2007
    Firefox 3.6.8
    Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 sp1
    Java 6 update 20

    Only solution is warm reboot.

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    Default Re: Keyboard Lockup

    how do you know is ZA? When it happens just right click on the ZA icon near the clock --> and shutdown. Is the keyboard still locked? If yes, then ZA is not the culprit. Have you tried to change the USB port of the keyboard? (if on cable) It may be an hardware problem.

    btw, we are on ZAX 9.3 now.


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