I've used ZoneAlarm ISS for a number of years, without any problems until recently.

I was infected by a link hijacker that also choked my bandwidth and prevented downloads of antispyware (automatically cancelling the download). I downloaded by other means and gave the machine a good scanning and all appears fine now. My question is this: I installed 3 different antispyware apps - Hitman Pro 3.5, SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes. ZoneAlarm only asked my permission for internet access, device access, etc, on one of these. So, does this mean the others are on a database that Zonealarm considers 'safe' and automatically allows, because they appear in the program control table set to 'super' trust level. Will turning off SmartDefense Advisor meana I am ALWAYS asked at least once (that would be my preference)?

Thanks all,