Not sure where the best place for this is, I'm not using the free version but
the 30-day trial, and I didn't see a forum specifically for generic ZAP issues.

I've used earlier versions of ZoneAlarm on W2K for years and was happy,
but I'm having problems on my new machine. I'm using the latest ZAP
trial, version, and Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium.

I have two major problems:

1. Zone Alarm is never showing a "changed program" or "new program"
alert--all alerts are "this program has asked for internet access previously".
Even if I take some junk exe that I compile myself, foo.exe, and run it,
Zone Alarm claims that it has "asked for internet access previously".
Obviously, I'm losing a lot of functionality.

2. Zone Alarm adds every EXE that's run to its list. Why? This issue
I've seen in the forum before, but I can't figure out why it's not
immediately fixed. This happens even when SmartAdvisor is off, and
even at the highest level of program alert.

Finally, I have a question. This there any way to block a program
by service, the way the native Windows 7 firewall can? I.e., a lot of
services are implemented by netsvc.exe, but if I block this exe in
zonealarm, ALL of them get blocked. Is there any way to be more
specific and only block, say, DHCP service?