I've been having an intermittent problem with ZA lately and the release version before it.

ZA Extreme Securith version (updated to yesterday)
Windows 7 Professional x64.

On the version before it, all of a sudden I would get a blue screen and have to restart. Then, if the computer did NOT blue screen, eventually I could not browse the internet w/ firefox or IE and my Thunderbird e-mail client would not connect, but, some other programs would still be conneced like my torrent client I use for getting all my linux distros (I do testing on them).

So it's not the whole internet getting locket out. If I "repair" the connection it gets locked out completely.

If I close ZA EVERYTHING works and If I re-open ZA everything works until it happens again.

After upgrading to the newest version yesterday I haven't had a blue screen yet, but I still have the same connection issues.

Any suggestions?