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    im running a sony vgn-ar61zu lap-top with windows 7 ultimate upgrade from vista. za have just sent me the update to the problem i now av is that, it stopped loading at 5% & crashed. now the lap-top works ok but i now have no LAN connection on on my ethernet cable. or my wireless side. i do a trouble shoot & its says i now have issue's with my wireless LAN & LAN DRIVERS. is this something zax has done. is there a fix. my internet connection works ok when i connect my net book, so i no thats ok. thts running ok with but thts XP.any help any one?????????? cheers Ped

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    Possibly an update that didn't go well.

    First try resetting the Databases.
    Hold down on the CTRL+SHIFT Keys
    Right click the 'Z' icon in the system tray.
    Select RESET from the menu.
    You will be prompted to reboot PC
    After PC reboots all settings well be erased and back to default in ZA
    Check to see if your internet connection is working and if it is try your AV update.
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    ay up, carnt do that, when zax starts the download it removes the old version. the new version failed to load. so its not there. now the probem i av since this is, no lights flash on my LAN connection & its says wireless Lan & LAN driver fault. help

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    Try the ZA removal tool:

    Save it to desktop, right click on it and "run it as administrator".


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