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Thread: Is the toolbar with using?

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    Default Is the toolbar with using?

    I am using the latest ZA internet security on windowsxp sp3.

    I used this before the toolbar and virtualization were added and since those features became available I have not used them because of my concers about memory usage,
    processer cycles and conflicts might make it not woth it.

    Full security I use is ZA, windows defender, superanti spyware and winpatrol.( Not necessarily just for security, it can do a lot.

    Sometimes I do get viruses but so far I can live with them because formatting and reinstalling evverything does not greatly bother me.

    I do hate unnecessary programs like the plague.

    But I wanted to ask the forum-am I missing anything I should really have. What sre the advantages/disadvantages of doing this. I am about to reinstall with my new subscription and I wanted some opinions.

    many thanks

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    Default Re: Is the toolbar with using?

    Real advantages come from the browser virtualization in ZA Extreme. ZA Suite does not have it. Very strong also is the advanced download scanner (running executables downloaded from the internet in a sandbox). I am not using ZA suite, so I don't know if you can get the ZA advanced scanner if you do not install the ZA toolbar. The rest although useful is less crucial.

    Whatever you decide always trial before buying. It is important for you to know if, what you install, works well on the system.

    If you want to get rid of something I would say to remove windows defender. You are already well covered. Be careful with winpatrol it can conflict with ZA.

    Hope this helps


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