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Thread: How I can stop continuous pings caused by ZA?

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    georgesimeo Guest

    Default How I can stop continuous pings caused by ZA?

    Excessive and Constant Pings - every time when I'm trying to connect to the Internet.

    If somebody knows how to fix this, please help me.

    It can't stop until I shutdown ZA or unplug & plug cable twice.

    I check what's happened with Wireshark and see this:
    I still have Internet connection but the speed is terrible and there are excessive echo pings caused by ZoneAlarm Security Suite 9.1.603.000

    I am not seeing any alerts in log.

    In Wireshark I see non-stop ping storm:

    Source Destination Protocol Info
    * * * ICMP Echo ping request ICMP Echo ping reply
    * * *

    That's my ip ->
    I'm using Windows XP SP3.

    I tried to: antivirus full scan, reinstall ZA, reset all settings to default, start / stop firewall.
    The result is the same.
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