I just purchased ZoneAlarm Extreme for my laptop with Vista. There is an excellent possibility that someone I know personally has been in my computer watching every move I make. He owns and operates a computer business and has openly admitted to hacking computers. So this program was suggested.

I have searched threads on here till I'm officially confused. Can someone answer just a few questions?

1. I've had my computer on all day and there is not one Alert under Firewall and an extremely limited amount of activity Alerts in the other folders. I have it set to alert me of anything and everything. So how do I know this is working?

2. I have 65 Outbound Firewall programs secured for Internet. How can I see what all they are?

3. Was it possible for my hacker to intercept anything during my ZoneAlarm download if he was watching so he can continue to break through my firewalls? This is ridiculous what I'm dealing with.

Thank you for any help you have to offer.