I have read enough on these forums to make me rather nervous about installing Datalock as it appears the user can be left with an unusable laptop. But I am also very concerned about how Datalock works (or not) with backup softwared such as Trueimage (T).

There are clearly issues with respect to hard drive encryption per se and backup software, see here.

I want to be sure before I install Datalock that

a) It will install without problems on my new Sony VPCEBM02 Windows 7 Home Premium laptop and

b) That when I use Trueimeage to create backkups of my system Datalock will in no way interfere with me restoring my laptop from those backups. (I have one hard drive, partitioned into C (operating system) and D (my data) plus the out of the box Sony Recovery partition.

I have contacted live chat about this but we ended up going round in circles. What ZA need to do is test Datalock against the operating system and Trueimage I outline above and confirm to their customers that the two software products are totally compatible.