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Thread: Free Zone Alarm Installer Killed

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    Default Free Zone Alarm Installer Killed

    I've used ZA Free for years, thanks for that!

    Recently, the program control page in ZA would not show any programs and I could not change, remove or do anything except when a warning or notification window popped up asking for permission.

    When the ZA new version notification arrived, I tried to update to the newest version of the Free ZA. The uninstaller began and then stopped with a message about a .dll had stopped working. I ended up using System Restore to roll back to where I still had ZA but as I described previously, not working properly. I tried the right click reset ZA and it did nothing to help me see my program control page.

    I've tried downloading the unistall program and running it several times, even in Safe Mode.

    A week or two later( yesterday), I had my 30 year old son, a very well educated college graduate school system computer administrator, follow the instructions for removing the various files and even the Registery Entries in Safe Mode, cleaning the prefetch, recycle bin and whatever else the instructions had him do. While in Safe Mode, I also ran MALWARE BYTES and SPYBOT S/D and neither program found anything.
    We rebooted after that cleaning and there was nothing left of ZA on the system (that we could find).

    I used my laptop and downloaded a fresh version of Free ZA labeled as "zaSetup_92_057_000_en.exe" from your web site, transferred it to this machine and ran it.

    The installer begins, lets me make a few choices and then I accept the licensing agreement and the screen clears. I watch the Windows Task Manager and about 20 seconds later, something KILLS the installer and it never does anything else.

    I am using a Dell Vostros 220 S with a 32 bit Windows 7 Home Premium OS (all updates applied). I have 3 gigs of ram with an Intel 2.93 Ghz Core 2 Duo processor.

    Any ideas on what I should try next, short of a complete system reload?
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