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Thread: POP-UP Appears After ZoneAlarm Load??

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    Default POP-UP Appears After ZoneAlarm Load??

    I am using Vista Home Premium OS, and upgraded to the latest Firefox about 2 months ago. Ever since then, once ZoneAlarm (free edition) loads, up pops a screen with the title "ZoneAlarm Security Options".

    In the body of the subsequent message there is a blurb about the ZoneAlarm Security Suite, and adjacent to the blurb I am offered the opportunity to click on either "Tell Me More" or "No Thank You".

    I've tried various tweaks to eliminate this annoying pop-up, but so far without luck.

    Any suggestions?


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    Default Re: POP-UP Appears After ZoneAlarm Load??

    1.) Upgrade your ZoneAlarm Product to one of the Paid versions will Remove the Nag screen and provide Better Security protection..

    2.) I don't think there is a solution. The message seems on purpose by design.

    You could try to remove and reinstall ZAFREE or fully remove ZA Free to stop the persistent pop-up.

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