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Thread: Installation prolems and removal problems.

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    LornaGregory Guest

    Default Installation problems and removal problems.

    I tried to install zonealarm free last night. It did not install properly, so I tried to remove it. It did not remove properly so I tried to reinstall it. After reinstalling the internet was working fine. I decided to check if my VPN connection would work. Unfortunately it didn't. So I reinstalled that. I still didn't work so I uninstalled both. I then reinstalled VPN (firewall setting mismatch). It still would not connect.

    Eventually I had a problem with a file called cpes_clean_launcher which came up telling me to restart every time I restarted. At some point I deleted all instances of this file. My VPN still didn't work and I could not access the internet but my computer still had internet connection.

    Since then I have tried reinstalling and uninstalling Zonealarm again.

    I can now access the internet intermittently when Zone alarm is running but still can't get VPN to work. I value VPN access higher than having a firewall (Zone alarm did not turn off windows firewall when it installed).

    Any idea how I could rid my machine of it (and get my VPN client working again)?

    Thanks for any suggestions in advance.
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