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Thread: [WORKAROUND] Also Found new network --> Remove Third Party Utilities

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    jimll Guest

    Thumbs up [WORKAROUND] Also Found new network --> Remove Third Party Utilities

    Running Free version. In the last week or three it started popping up a notice saying "Found new network," several times a day or week, which it has never done before in several years. When I click to ignore it, it pops up another demand for info on the non-existent network which popup cannot be ignored, closed or gotten rid of short of shutting down the machine - then it may do it again. I have no network. I've already done the "reset cure" with no effect.

    Is this a bug in the latest update?


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    jealousmonk Guest

    Default Re: Also Found new network

    I'm having this issue too. I rebooted my router and repaired the wireless network connection for my laptop and a ZA window popped up informing me that a new network was being added. Its ip is I set it to "internet zone."

    I then checked my desktop and saw there was an identical entry set to "trusted zone."

    On both computers I have ip ranges set as trusted which I set up when I first installed ZA. That seemed to work fine but now there is this new "network" that I cannot delete though I can change its zone designation.

    Is this something to be concerned about?

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    Default Re: Also Found new network


    Is the IP address it detects each time the same IP address?

    Do you check the box to rememeber the setting?

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    jimll Guest

    Default Re: Also Found new network

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum-Moderator View Post

    Is the IP address it detects each time the same IP address?

    Do you check the box to rememeber the setting?

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    I didn't write it down, but I think it was the same every time and the same as what jealousmonk posted. I'll have a chance to check it out in a few minutes I'm sure.


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    NelsonHouse Guest

    Default Re: Also Found new network

    I have been suffering the same "New Network Found" issue (Private Wireless Network Found) after boot up or restart, since updating to Zone Alarm Free The network found is always my Netgear ADSL Router: You have to accept this network in order to continue, if put into the trusted zone it does not appear, but this home network range is already there as This only happens with the PC which uses wireless to connect to the router, my other PC on LAN connection to router is OK. If I disable the wireless USB device, there is no new network found message until the wireless dongle is enabled again (but obviously no network or internet either!). The wireless USB device is a Netgear WN111, using Netgear software which gives the option upon installation to disable Windows Wireless Zero Configuration and use the Netgear software. The wireless devices are 802.11n, so need the Netgear software to use their full capability. Both PCs are similar WindowsXP SP3 on Gigabyte motherboards. I have not tried using WZC instead to see if the problem is still there when not using the wireless USB's own software. Does any of this help get closer to eliminating this issue?

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    Default Re: Also Found new network

    Just use the zero configuration one and you should not have the problem. I have the same usb adapter and it works fine.


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