I am using ZAES on a computer with WinXP Home SP3 installed. My system has been running slowly lately with a lot of hard drive activity. To figure out what might be wrong, I went into msconfig and unselected all background startup programs and then restarted the computer. Since doing this, I have selected the background programs in msconfig one at a time and then restarted the computer to see which one(s) might be causing the problem.

The last process I tried to restart was zlclient. I clicked on the box next to it in msconfig and then restarted the computer. I expected the ZAES icon to appear in the system tray when the computer started up. However, the icon did not appear. Furthermore, when I went into the msconfig file, I noticed that the check mark in the box by zlclient was missing. I have tried clicking in the box by zlclient and restarting the computer but each time, I get the same results as described above.

Is there some way to fix this problem without reinstalling ZAES? The other background programs I have running are Carbonite and BounceBack. Thanks for any help!