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Thread: DCOM Expolit, ZA Pro and Avast AV

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    orlan Guest

    Default DCOM Expolit, ZA Pro and Avast AV

    My AV avast free version 5.0.594 is warning me of threat (DCOM Expolit) that it blocked. My question is why isn't my ZA Pro (version 9.3.014) firewall not catching this and warning me. As I understand it a DCOM Expolit is an attack directed at the firewall and not an AV attack. Any help or explanation will be appreciated.


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    Default Re: DCOM Expolit, ZA Pro and Avast AV

    Sorry, There is a known compatibility problem with the New AVAST 5.0 and ZA, that must be Fixed by the makers of AVAST.

    I recommend going back to AVAST 4, until AVAST 5.1 fix is available.

    The Moderator comments in this Forum link may explain the AVAST problem..
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    orlan Guest

    Default Re: DCOM Expolit, ZA Pro and Avast AV

    You didn't answer my question Mr Guru. You just stated that it's Avast 5.0's fault for what ever reason, told me uninstall 5.0 and then directed me to a link which talks about browsers and avast and being blocked. No where did it mention about DCOM Expolit that I could find.

    As it stands now I have no problem with ZA Pro and Avast 5 coexisting with each other. I've really had no problems with either coexisting. What I'm trying to determine is why my AV is catching something that I understand my ZA Pro firewall should have caught. If I am wrong about this, please explain.

    I have been using ZA firewall for over 4 years, 2 of which with ZA Pro. I have been using Avast for about the same number of years. I like both and plan to use them in the future.


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    Default Re: DCOM Expolit, ZA Pro and Avast AV

    just to avoid misunderstadings. We are all users here and no ZA staff. As a paying customer you can contact, free of charge, the ZA official technical support at the link in my signature. They are on-line 24h 7d.


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