Hi there

Since some days, I have 2 problems (of 1 common cause) and I hope you could help me...
I'm using ZoneAlarm (free firewall) since years and recently, it told me to do an update to version 92.058. I updated it, worked ok but I didn't like the new surface, so I decided to remove it.
I used the standard uninstall-procedure, but somehow it didn't work properly: since then, at every startup, the cpes_clean_launcher.exe starts and thells me to restart my computer. Much more annoying is that after 10 minutes, I can't surf the Internet anymore! Email works, FTP works, ping works, Skype works, but neither IE nor Firefox are working...
I also turned off the windows firewall (starts automatically), shut down the McAffee-Antivirus - nothing helps.
Therefor, I wanted to reinstall Zonealarm, but it told me that I don't have sufficient rights, although I'm Admin - even in the secure mode...
I don't have any clou what to do - please help me!
Thanks a lot!
BWT: I use the actual version of Windows XP