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    Default ZoneAlarm warning message

    dear readers,

    This week I installed ZA Extreme Security. So far I am very happy with it. Everything goes well but there is one small (I think) problem with my Outlook Express!
    Every time I open Outlook Expr., I get a warning from ZA. like this:

    ""WARNING: ZoneAlarm will NOT working unless you display your "Folders List".
    You can display this by pulling down the "View" menu and selecting the "Layout...." menu item, then checking the "Folders List" checkbox.""

    I have done this for several times, unchecking and cheking again the "folders list" checkbox. Nothing happens. The warning still pops up when I open Outlook Express!

    Anybody among of you experienced the same problem?

    Hoping there is somebody who knows the answer to this problem and willing to help me,.......

    Thank You in advance,

    Herbert Deblieck
    Brugges, Belgium
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