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    What does the Trust Level setting in program control do? I noticed that some programs won't run correctly when I put it in restricted. Can some one give a detailed listing of the different effects of setting Trust Level to Super, Trusted, and Restricted?

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    I don't think there has been ever an explanation on this. You may want to contact ZA technical support and ask them directly. Super, trusted, restricted, etc are linked to the work of the OSfirewall. You can review what kind of suspicious behavior will be blocked from page 75 to page 81 of the manual.

    I guess that on restricted, ZA will not allow any medium or high risk behavior, while on medium it will allow only medium risk security actions. But this is my guessing. Usually, you don't need to apply custom settings in ZA program control. These are automatically selected based on the central cloud database of known good and known bad applications. Default settings provides you with optimal security and compatibility. Restricting access to applications may have effects on the stability and reliability of the system.

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