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Thread: Is there a ZA Free 9.3.014??

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    mastertb Guest

    Default Is there a ZA Free 9.3.014??

    Listed in the forum 9.2.057 seems to be the latest version, still File Hippo shows this: ~Snip~ as the latest.
    Is this a real version of ZA Free??

    Please advise.

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    Default Re: is there a ZA Free 9.3.014??

    I would not trust that download.. If you downloaded that version from a 3rd party site DELETE it and download ZA Free from Zone Alarm Web site Link Below.

    Checkpoint can only Guaranty the Safety of ZA files downloaded from the Zone Alarm/Zonelabs Download servers..

    Here is the Checkpoint / Zone Alarm Free Download link to the Latest available version of Zone Alarm.. <== Click Here

    ZoneAlarm Free Firewall
    DOWNLOAD World's #1 Firewall
    Our 2-way firewall pro-actively protects against inbound and outbound attacks while making you invisible to hackers.

    An "Automatic Update Notice" will be Sent to Users (With Auto Update Turned ON) when a Newer version is available..
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    Default Re: Is there a ZA Free 9.3.014??

    OK, Thanks, it seemed funny.


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    Default Re: Is there a ZA Free 9.3.014??

    If you downlaoded a Free ZoneAlarm version 9.3.014

    This was not released by ZoneAlarm and may very well have malware, viruses, or spyware attached to this download.

    Imedialy remove it from your PC.

    Whereever the source you downloaded it from it was not ZoneAalrm and that downlaod source should never be trusted for downloading our software from.

    Only download from our website.

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