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Thread: Auto updates loading, even with manual selected

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    terra Guest

    Default Auto updates loading, even with manual selected

    G'day all,
    Sorry to start new thread. I posted this recently in a previous thread on the same topic which is now locked (?).
    My ZASS still automatically updates even though I have selected manual updates. This is a hassle as the update will slow my PC to useless for up to 20-30 minutes, whenever the update decides to come through. This can ruin workflow etc, manual downloading will allow me to update when I leave the desk or am not requiring much memory etc.

    I tried loading the newest version of ZASS and did the full clean/uninstall and fresh install using the method advised on the forums. (download the uninstall clean, start with ZA switched off etc etc). Problem remains.

    I contacted technical help as suggested in the reply.
    They suggest loading a previous version 91.008.000 as this version "doesn't have the problem"*. Unfortunately this was the version I was previously running, and it did the same thing regarding auto updates.

    Does anyone have any further advice or fixes? Either to stop the updates from occuring automatically, or to stop the updates from monopolising my PC when they occur?

    I have XP home edition 2002, service pack 3, licensed, with updates etc.
    No security other than ZASS.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Default Re: Auto updates loading, even with manual selected

    As already suggested you need to keep following up with support to troubleshoot the issue and/or to file for a refund if you still have problems.

    No use to keep posting here.

    To manual update signatures, just go to the advance settings of the antivirus/antispyware section and UNcheck the automatic update (update section). Now you will be able update whenever you need. This is higly not recommended since you will expose your system to malware due to fast pace of release of malware.


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    barnacles Guest

    Default Re: Auto updates loading, even with manual selected


    I too have been having untold trouble with the auto updater for some weeks. It constantly runs whenever I start up after standby and at random times. It totally blocks all use of the pc and is becoming a total bore. I have tried turning updater off, but it makes no difference. What can I do to correct this very annoying trend.
    I'm new to this forum system, and finding it very complicated to find my way around. There must be an easier way.
    Mudlark. UK

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    Default Re: Auto updates loading, even with manual selected

    I think the original post refers to AV updates. Since there taking 20-30 mins.

    Barnacles the check for update is not the same which you are referring to.

    Something that might help. Turn off automatic check for updates.
    Overview >> Preferences

    Set to manual.

    Then goto Anti-virus >> Main
    Click the advanced options button

    Click Updates and select your update frequency.

    That may help. There is a bug when Auto check for update will trigger and it will force an AV update and mess up the update schedule thats set in the Anti-virus section.

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    thekabuki Guest

    Default Re: Auto updates loading, even with manual selected

    Thank you for the fix. I also had the box unchecked under the Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware > Main > Advanced Options > Enable automatic anti-virus updates, but was still suffering from automatic updates happening at the worst of times, bringing everything to a halt until it was complete. Had not realized there was another place to unselect the option

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