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Thread: Successful Upgraded to ZAISS

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    stormsy Guest

    Talking Successful Upgraded to ZAISS


    I upgraded to version with no hitches. I was thinking about doing a clean install, but thought I'd try an upgrade first.

    I unticked the box saying; "Load ZA at Stat-up"; unplugged my PC from the net and choose "Upgrade". It upgraded smoothly, and without any problems. Very pleased! Plus - it's kept all of my settings too! Don't have to worry about "training" the SmartDefence anymore ^_^

    As of yet I have not encountered any corruption issues - if so, I'll do a clean install next time and learn from that for the future!

    Overall though - very happy.

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    geoffjg Guest

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    Success here as well using the same procedure.
    I've not encountered any hiccups to date, and I'm particularly pleased to have the browser security working again for both FireFox & Internet Explorer.
    All in all a good update. Well done to Zone Labs.

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    frostbite Guest

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    Rather than doing a clean install as I have done in the past I too decided to just upgrade as per the above instructions. So far everything is working fine. In fact the popup lockup problems I was experiencing with Firefox have been resolved and this new version (9.3014.000) of ZoneAlarm Security Suite is an improvement over last one (9.1.008) I was running.

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