I have a VPN connection to one of my customers for remote support. The connection is in the Trusted Zone. I have several issues; (1) I cannot use Windows explorer to access some shared resources. (2) I cannot use the NET USE command in a DOS shell to map a network drive (3) In SQL Server Enterprise Manager, I cannot register a remote database server. Interestingly enough I can ping the remote machines and also establish a VNC remote control session. All this stuff has worked for me in the past. I can shutdown Zone Alarm and then gain access to all these items.

What has changed, you ask? I have recently upgraded my hard drive and re-installed all my software. The difference between what was done in the past and what was done on the new hard drive is that I didn't perform these tasks while in the Zone Alarm learning mode, so I suspect that may have something to do with it. I can look at the log file and see where the traffic has been blocked. I'm unsure as to what needs tweaking to allow me to re-gain access to these network resources. Any help would be appreciated.