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Thread: what is purpose of this connection event?

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    Default what is purpose of this connection event?

    I just upgraded to ZA Extreme for HP portable with XP and up-to-date system. I've noticed that forcefield connects to -- --- almost every time I use ie browser online. That's not unusual except the connection stays active for at least 10 minutes after I've closed down browser. Properties for the connection in Tcpview is "C:\Program Files\CheckPoint\ZAForceField\ForceField.exe" /set_event="FFAPI_StartEvent_a38_1a004" /icon="hidden" .

    My questions are --- what is purpose of this connection event?, and why does it continue so long beyond the use of ie brower?

    It's the long connection period that happens with each internet session that bothers me. I don't like my computer connected to someone for expended periods when I'm not on internet.

    I don't allow ZA and Force Field to update themselves -- I do it manually --- same with Microsoft updates.

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