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Thread: VMware and ZoneAlarm

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    MrBlackstone Guest

    Exclamation VMware and ZoneAlarm

    Perhaps I have missed something rather blatant, but I must ask Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite and / or Zone Alarm Pro be used when VMware Workstation is installed?

    Although I did not see a warning or notice within the software’s documentation and the forums a nasty problem has given me reason to believe otherwise. In short, I experience what I can best describe as a freeze for about minute to five. Such freezes include a total loss of keyboard and mouse input and stuttering / repeating audio output. Most importantly such freezes occur regardless of program control settings and firewall settings. In addition, enabling the ‘OSfirewall’ increases the occurrences of such freezes.

    This is rather unfortunate, as I use VMware Workstation quite frequently. Is there an applicable way to diagnose then correct this problem?

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    ZA does not support any VM environment.


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    Quote Originally Posted by fax View Post
    ZA does not support any VM environment.

    There seems to be some confusion here, I was talking about an installation outside of a virtualized environment (the host OS not the guest OS).

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    Unfortunately we are not VMware experts here and nor is support.

    You be best served going to VMware support or there forum if they have one to see if other VMware users had any issues with ZA.

    Sorry the forum and ZoneAlarm Support cant help you in this situation.

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