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Thread: ZA Extreme Security 9.3 locks up PC when using Juniper Secure Application Manager

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    Default ZA Extreme Security 9.3 locks up PC when using Juniper Secure Application Manager

    Hi, I had been running ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 9.1 and able to connect to my corporate network via the Juniper Secure Application Manager (SAM) 6.5.
    A few weeks ago I upgraded to ZA 9.3 (, driver version 9.1.522.000).
    Once I did this and I connected to the VPN using SAM 6.5, my PC would lock up and I could not even bring up task manager to terminate processes. A hard reboot was required.
    I reset the ZA settings completely and the same symptoms persisted.
    I uninstalled 9.3 and reinstalled 9.1.507.000 (driver 9.1.503.000) and problems went away.

    So simple statement I can make (and request to ZA developers): please fix this issue so that I can upgrade and return to the recommended latest and greatest 9.3 version.

    There was literally no change in my OS configuration when observing the lockup in ZA 9.3, downgrading to 9.1, and observing the lockup is gone.

    I am running Windows XP Home Edition SP3.

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    Default Re: ZA Extreme Security 9.3 locks up PC when using Juniper Secure Application Manager

    We are all Users here and most do not use "VPN"..

    as a user of ZA Extreme, you can contact ZA Tech Support Live Chat..

    Click on the Support link in my signature..

    can you post possibly a little more information about the configuration of your computer and what the steps you take to reproduce the problem?

    ZA version
    PC CPU speed
    PC memory size
    Hard drive size
    Laptop or Desktop
    Windows OS version including Service packs
    Version of software having issues.
    Exactly what is done to reproduce the issue in the application.
    ZoneAlarm® Extreme Security

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24 Hours Pacific Time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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