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Thread: What Zone Alarm SmartDefense is actually telling me.

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    Default What Zone Alarm SmartDefense is actually telling me.

    No way to start a relationship!

    I'm a new paying customer, new to Zone Alarm and happy as **** to be running away from Norton.

    The single greatest and most profound disappointment thus far with Zone Alarm is SmartDefender. Its complete lack of any useful information in 32 of 32 "triggered" events does little to impress or insure the new to ZA customer. SmartDefense, by name, is the highest profile most damning statement of incompleteness within ZA.

    Its gross failure speaks volumes to an old software manager:

    1. Never....NEVER....release a new asset that clearly points to a lack of functional usefulness within your own product JUST when it is required.

    2. When the user sees that the most rudimentary issues result in "I haven't got a clue?!" statements right when the user needs it most, well the result is a complete lack of confidence in anything else that is going on behind the scenes.

    3. Always, provide for "was that helpful" for ALL new asset releases. Otherwise, how will you truly know its time to gather your SMartDefense team into a room, close the door and ask "what the **** is going on?!" Yes, ZA, its that time....

    4. Know when your product is failing and be ready to act accordingly. SmartDefense is the kind of name that requires SMART DEFENSE. A lack of ANY information flow is anything OTHER than that.

    Strip it out....strip it out NOW! Hand it back to the team that thought it was important and spend extra time explaining that THEY own this one. It may be the only smart defense left on this asset.
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    Default Re: What Zone Alarm SmartDefense is actually telling me.


    ZA has a 30 day free trial of all our software and that could have been used to try so you see if you like how our product gives its messages. Smart Defense has been this way for about 9 years and we feel is just fine and gives more info than some of the competition.

    If your unhappy with your recent purchase we have a 30 day no questions asked refund policy. If you qualify you can get a refund. I would recommend before you buy any other brand you use the trial version of said products before buying to make sure the messaging fits your specific needs in security software.

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    Default Re: What Zone Alarm SmartDefense is actually telling me.


    I actally have been pleased overall with ZoneAlarm Security, though unfortunately I have also noticed SmartDefense Advisor not "knowing" well known apps. programs. The most recent one for me that was surprising was Adobe's "Photoshop" of all programs!

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