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Thread: Help Me Please - ZAIS and HP Software < Check HP for Updated Drivers

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    Default Help Me Please - ZAIS and HP Software < Check HP for Updated Drivers

    Hello everyone,

    Let me preface this but telling you I am not trying to start a flame war; I just want to get any version newer that 7.0.483 to work on my PC with my HP Laserjet Software. Most of the Tech Support people do not want to help for whatever reasons.

    I am running HP Laserjet Director- software for my all in one Laserjet printer, fax, scanner that is required to use any function other than printing. I have been using 7.0.483 for years due to all newer versions of ZAIS not playing nice with the HP software. 2 weeks ago, I got infected with 2 virus and was told on this forum 7.0.483 will no longer protect my PC and that I should upgrade.

    So I upgraded to 9.3.014. After 4 days, this version just like anything newer that 7.0.483 stop allowing some components of the HP Software from loading - D:\hewlett-packard\Laserjet 33xx\
    hppavdx0.exe /H /PO timed out and could not be loaded.
    This results in me not being able to scan, fax, etc and slowing down the PC due to all of the HP software crashing until I can end each process. I have worked with tech support over the years and added exceptions for all of the D:\hewlett-packard\Laserjet 33xx\*.*, exception from on access scanning.

    Add VDI Manager in Program Control > Programs: D:\Hewlett-Packard\LaserJet 33xx\hppavdx0.exe

    Make sure every HP component including PML Driver is Super in Program Control > Programs> Trust Level

    Create expert rule in Program Control > Programs right click each HP component options> expert rules Any, Any, Any, Any

    Antivirus/Firewall>Main>Advanced Options>Exceptions: D:\Hewlett-Packard\LaserJet 33xx\*.*

    Exempt from On Access Scan

    I have also found HP software on C:\ in various places and added exceptions

    If the software works fine for 4 days after install or reset, I believe to be a Auto Learn/Smart Defense issue and there has to be a work around. I have sent logs and dumps to tech support starting at Version 8.0 but have never heard back from them other that to try the most recent version. I have been a loyal customer since 2005 but I can't continue to use 7.0.483. In the past, I have tried turning auto learn off. Should I try again? IS this an OSFirewall issue, program firewall issue or what? Please help me find a work around.

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    Default Re: Help Me Please - ZAIS and HP Software

    Unfortunately this has been discussed and discussed here.

    There are bugs/conflicts in the HP software/drivers and HP has no desire to update them to work along with ZA latest version. Dev has tried to work with them in the past.

    It was determined some time ago there is nothing we can do to make this work with ZA without the help Of HP updating there software/drivers.

    Only other solutions would be to get a new Laser/multi function printer or switch security software.

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