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Thread: windows updates

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    clerky Guest

    Question windows updates

    hi,i keep getting a message saying windows cant check for updates,tried most things i know but to no avail.can someone please help.thankyou

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    Ray1769 Guest

    Default Re: windows updates

    Try this:
    Go to "My Computer"....double click....then right click on C:drive....then Properties tab.....then make sure that "BOTH" boxes are checked in the Check for errors feature....then this should result in request to schedule to run at next Restart.......then Restart.
    It should proceed to automatically repair any errors and this make take over an hour or so.......Don't stop this will then Restart on it's own after checking for errors.

    After computer completely checks for errors, reboots, and is fully repopulated......then try Windows Updates again.

    Let us all know how this goes because there are other "fixes" or cleaning tools to remove cache, temps, and other clutter.

    Good luck!

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