I have used ZA for many years and have been happy with it--until now.

I have a 64bit Win 7 HP Computer. I do quite a bit of international travel. On my last three trips I experienced multiple memory dumps combined with the blue screen error.

I assumed the problem was in my Win 7 installation. I reinstalled Vista--my original OS.

Nothing helped.

Then on my last trip, I decided to uninstall ZA. System worked perfectly. [I assumed that intrusions were being blocked and that the intrusions were so serious ZA shut the system down] So now I am using Avast and Windows firewall and do not like it one bit.

My daughter started to experience the same problem at home--in the US, On a Win 7 (original OS) HP 64bit computer.

I uninstalled ZA. She is now operating on a university system with the same inadequate level of protection.

I am being asked if I want to renew my license (on my Win XP HP Media Center).

I won't do it until I get these questions answered:

1.) Have others experienced this?
2.) Is there a fix?