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    dreyno Guest

    Unhappy Blue Screens

    I have used ZA for many years and have been happy with it--until now.

    I have a 64bit Win 7 HP Computer. I do quite a bit of international travel. On my last three trips I experienced multiple memory dumps combined with the blue screen error.

    I assumed the problem was in my Win 7 installation. I reinstalled Vista--my original OS.

    Nothing helped.

    Then on my last trip, I decided to uninstall ZA. System worked perfectly. [I assumed that intrusions were being blocked and that the intrusions were so serious ZA shut the system down] So now I am using Avast and Windows firewall and do not like it one bit.

    My daughter started to experience the same problem at home--in the US, On a Win 7 (original OS) HP 64bit computer.

    I uninstalled ZA. She is now operating on a university system with the same inadequate level of protection.

    I am being asked if I want to renew my license (on my Win XP HP Media Center).

    I won't do it until I get these questions answered:

    1.) Have others experienced this?
    2.) Is there a fix?


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    Default Re: Blue Screens

    It is Sometimes very Difficult to Diagnose and fix a Computer from halfway across the Country,
    without All the Details,without the ability to sit in front of your Computer monitor and see what's going on..

    We do not know what Type and Version of Zone Alarm you are Refering to?

    Also note that Zone Alarm does not support any Media Center Edition (MCE) version of XP. It may work correctly but officially it is not support.
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    dreyno Guest

    Default Re: Blue Screens

    That's funny because MCE is the only system it is working on.


    What information would you need? It is currently uninstalled. However I was using the ZA extreme suite and the last version was installed from a package named "ZASPSetup_91_008_001_en"

    Since I have now let the license lapse, maybe ZA will send a 30 day key so I can re-install and troubleshoot.

    What othe information may I give you?

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