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Thread: "SUSPICIOUS SITES" - a possible remedy

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    Default "SUSPICIOUS SITES" - a possible remedy

    I joined the forum because of this problem. I was horrified when I saw this message appear when I opened up my new site. This is going to be a huge blow to everyone who puts up a new site.

    My site will be 3 months old in a few days, so I hope that the message will disappear then. But what about the point re security certificate. Does anyone know what action is needed to remedy this??????

    On a more hopeful note, I have been advised (by someone who has overcome this problem in the past) of the following remedy

    "Regular little updates. Even something as simple as creating some pages with relevant articles (swiped from article directories) and uploading them to your FTP. Make sure that your hosting / domain registration account has your full details for their reference, i.e. your address, phone number, full name, etc. NB These pages don't need to be linked to the site .... just FTP them to the domain" .

    I have started to do this and I'll advise when it works.

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    Default Re: "SUSPICIOUS SITES" - a possible remedy

    Please Read the Explaination and Solution Posted at the TOP of the Forum Helpful Hints and Links section..

    Please read both the Moderator Post and Guru Fax post..

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    Default Re: "SUSPICIOUS SITES" - a possible remedy

    Actually none of that will get around our site secruity check. Its plain and simple. If your site is 3 month old or younger it will get a rating like this.

    There no way around it and ZoneAlarm will not whitelist it or anything like that to remove the rating.

    Just wait for 3 months and it should be removed.

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