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Thread: Zone Alarm Extreme Large file download @ 90% on Vista

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    Default Zone Alarm Extreme Large file download @ 90% on Vista

    When i download files from the internet, Zone alarm takes over and downloads them for me . This is great since on completion of the download Zone alarm checks to see if the file I have downloaded is safe. However i recently downloaded a huge file (586 Mb of Microsoft Office Professional). To my dismay at 90% of the download the downloader closed and saved an incomplete file which i could not run. Where I live we have Data download quotas and the 586Mb is my month limit. Is there a way I can continue the download from the 90% downloaded to get 100% with what is already downloaded? Also where is the file downloader GUI located in Zone Alarm so I can fidget around with it ?,
    I run Home Vista Premium and Zone alarm extreme security.
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    Default Re: Zona Alarm file downlad

    The downloading function your referring to in ZA is called 'Advanced Download Protection'

    All that does is look at the files downloaded against our database of known threats and heuristics.

    We don't actually manage the download in any manner where you could resume the download.

    That type of function would be part of a third party application or a plug-in app for FireFox.

    I cant really say why you download ended early there are dozens of possibilities.

    I would suggest if your actually buying a Legitimate copy of Office directly from the MS website have it shipped instead of a download option.

    If you not buying it from MS then its probably not a legitimate copy and in that case we cannot help you with this issue since that promotes an activity we do not practice or condone.

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