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Thread: Modem connection loss (Important) > not a caused by Zone Alarm

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    Unhappy Modem connection loss (Important) > not a caused by Zone Alarm

    Hi, I'm new here. I've been using ZA for over 6 years and only now I'm having a serious problem with it.

    Whenever I try to upload files to ANYTHING, any website or anything that involves an upstream, eventually the connection on my modem will suddenly cut out and have to re-connect. Also, I've noticed when trying to play games on WiFi, after a while I'll suddenly get an error message that I've been disconnected from the network.

    Both of these things have only started happening about a month ago, and it's getting to be quite frustrating. I'm not 100% sure that ZoneAlarm is the problem, but most of the time when I shut the firewall off, my uploads go just fine, but sometimes the modem disconnections persist.

    Is there anything I can do about this? I love ZA and I'm unwilling to use anything else. Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you!
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    Default Re: Modem connection loss (Important)

    I hate to double post/bump but this is very important for me. I would appreciate any help.

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    Default Re: Modem connection loss (Important)

    Well unfortunately both issues with the modem and wifi are about the most common issues with those types of network connections outside of ZA being installed.

    Could just be those issues are present with those connections.

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